Go Critic!

GoCritic! is a training programme for emerging film journalists and critics, launched in collaboration with Cineuropa in 2018 and further developed in collaboration with Animation Festival Network (AFN) starting October 2022. 

GoCritic! held four workshops before the pandemic: two at Karlovy Vary IFF, one at Trieste FF and one at Animafest Zagreb, and between October 2022 and July 2024, 9 such workshops will be hosted by the AFN festivals, namely: Animest, Animateka, Anifilm, Animafest Zagreb and Fest Anca.

 All workshops are international, and film journalists from around the world are welcome to apply to any of the editions, regardless of their nationality or country of residence. 

From an application process, up to six participants are selected, and they work intensely on site on articles about films, filmmakers and industry events at the festival. Their articles are published on Cineuropa and Zippy Frames, giving them immediate visibility, providing increased coverage for the festivals and enhancing the visibility of arthouse animation.

In the current, very fluid, situation around all aspects of filmmaking, GoCritic! will focus both on improving the participants’ writing skills, but also provide them with professional orientation and guidance in the film industry in general, help them become industry professionals and empower them to work internationally.

The workshop sessions are conducted in English by acclaimed film journalists such as Vladan Petkovic (Animest 2022), Michael Pattison (Animateka 2022) etc. The selected participants are offered accommodation, full festival accreditation and meal. There is no application fee or participation fee.

If you’d like to peek into the GoCritic! alumni’s works, feel free to access Cineuropa (here) and ZippyFrames (here).

Information about the call for entries for the upcoming GoCritic! editions will be published on our website’s news section and on each festival’s website.